Coming Soon


A Young Adult Fantasy Novel

by Chantae Eaton

16-year-old Bo McCallister misses her mother dreadfully and she misses sleep just as much. Since her mother’s death, she has been plagued with night terrors. To those around her, they are just bad dreams, a way of working through her grief subconsciously but to Bo, they are much more. Her nightmares are beginning to take on a life of their own and the sinister creatures that haunt her dreams stalk her at every turn.

Armed with a nimble mind and a sharp-tongued best friend, Bo faces her fears and sets her sights on ending her torment once and for all. When she learns that her real mother suffered from the very same delusions, Bo uncovers a mound of deceit that changes everything and negates anything she ever knew to be true about her life.

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