Steps to Success: Creating a Writing Portfolio

The authors of this piece participated in an eight-week experimental learning program at Southern New Hampshire University where we researched and co-wrote a writing resource article. This piece is the by-product of that experience

Throwback: My Very First Byline

I was given my first byline at the age of 17 after shadowing a local reporter wtih my hometown’s local newspaper. I was then given the opportunity to write about my experience and that article was published in the Journal News.  See the photo to read my very first published article.

Digital Media: A Day In the Life

A little bit about digital media and how I use it on a daily basis. This blog post is a course assignment for my Social Media & Marketing Communications class at Southern New Hampshire University.


Every motivational/self help book I have ever read has one thing in common. The Author is always someone or references someone who has decided that they are tired of living an unfulfilling life. They are sick of working a job they hate and they desperately long for change. These people reach a point in theirContinue reading “Greetings!”

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