Chantae Eaton

Wife , Mom, Friend, Student, Blogger & Freelance Writer

Chantae Eaton was born, raised, and currently resides in Hamilton, Ohio with her husband, three children, and a slew of furry creatures. She currently works full-time as a Senior Case Manager for a life insurance company and has an extensive background in real estate. Chantae is a fervent reader and Cincinnati Reds fan who enjoys tinkering with the arts and has a playlist for every occasion.

She was given her first byline at the age of 17, after shadowing a local reporter, she then wrote about the experience. Life happened and at some point and she lost touch with her writing. Her daughter’s passion for the arts was the catalyst that reignited her love of writing and propelled her toward pursuing her dream of becoming a professional writer. She is currently in her final term of study at Southern New Hampshire University where she is working toward her BA in English & Creative Writing and a minor in communications. Although her major includes a focus on fiction, she doesn’t limit herself to one specific niche as she enjoys writing in a plethora of areas. The pieces she has written are usually informed by her own personal experiences and infused with a little research and creative flourish.

Laurel Eaton

13-year-old writer Laurel Eaton lives in Fairfield, Ohio with her parents, brothers & seven fantastic furry friends. She is an avid reader and soccer player and a talented musician who enjoys playing piano and performing with her school’s show choir.

She found her love at writing at an early age and, inspired by authors Lauren Tarshis and Stephen King, she enjoys creating works of horror that include natural disasters and dystopian societies. Laurel is a participant in Power of the Pen, an interscholastic creative writing program for middle schoolers. Laurel dedicates her free periods, the time between classes, and on the bus to honing her craft. She aspires to one day be a New York Times Best Selling Author.

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