Quote of the Week #7

This one spoke to me, mostly because when I began my writing journey this was my mindset. When we become adults we often lose touch with the things that bring us joy.

The pressures of everyday life tend to beat us down and force us to relive the same day over and over in an effort to ensure our families are provided for. We forget to make time for ourselves.

Self care is important and it includes making time for yourself and the things that make you happy. Making time for yourself doesn’t mean you are neglecting those around you. If you are happy you’ll be more equipped to take care of your family.

If you find yourself in this rut, remember that it is never too late to rewrite the narrative. Go after your dreams. Do it now, because you aren’t promised tomorrow.

Published by thechantae

I was born, raised, and am currently residing in Hamilton, Ohio. I was given my first byline at the age of 17 after shadowing a local reporter. I was then allowed to write about my experience. It was enlightening, to say the least, but life happened and at some point, I lost touch with the things I loved. I currently work as a Sr. Case Manager for a local life insurance company, but I also have an extensive background in the local real estate industry. I am an avid reader who enjoys immersing myself in a variety of genres. My daughter’s passion for the arts was really the catalyst that reignited my love of writing and propelled me toward pursuing my dream of becoming a professional writer. I’m currently in my third year of study at Southern New Hampshire University Online where I am working toward my BA in English & Creative Writing with a focus in fiction and a minor in communications. Although my major includes a focus on fiction, I do not limit myself to one specific niche as I do enjoy writing in a plethora of areas. The pieces I have written are usually informed by my own personal experiences and infused with a little research. I’m looking forward to launching my freelance career and really show the world what I can do.

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