Digital Media: A Day In the Life

SNHU -Social Media & Marketing Communications Class Assignment

Digital media is defined as information that is broadcast to an audience through a screen and in a world where things are digitized more than ever before we find ourselves using various types of digital media throughout the course of our day.

We use digital media when we watch videos on YouTube, we use it when we binge watch a show on Netflix, do some online shopping or read a blog on WordPress and while we may be unaware, the social media sites that we utilize on a daily basis are also considered digital media.

As an older millennial I grew up in a time before cell phones and social media existed. I had the luxury of making my mistakes in private instead of having them broadcasted on a mega social platform where the decisions made in my youth could affect my future even before I was able to understand the ramifications of those choices.

However,  I also benefited from growing up with technology and as it evolved, I evolved. My first cell phone was an old Nokia 5165 with the changeable face and the card you preloaded onto your phone so you could call your friends. You know, the phone you could run over with your car and it would still work just as good as the day you purchased it. But the phone I use today is considerably different.

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While my first cell phone didn’t have a camera or voice recording capabilities, that technology is overwhelmingly accessible to us now. At the click of a button, we can download barrage of applications right on our mobile devices that allow us to capture and edit video and voice recordings and post them directly to our social media pages. These capabilities allow us to market ourselves easily and effectively to the world outside, both personally and professionally.

I use a multitude of media applications daily in addition to using top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Dolby for instance, is a free application downloadable on your phone or PC that allows you to record songs, voice memos and other sounds at the click of a button. The application utilizes noise reduction software so that your recordings come out clear and crisp and it also has features that allow you to share your audio clips directly to your social media outlets. I use this application when recording interviews with local business owners for my blog. It is an excellent way for me to capture the conversation and refer to it for missed details or quotes I may need when writing a feature.

Although I do prefer my Nikon when taking photos, I also utilize my phone’s built-in camera application  and even Instagram to take photos and videos and also use Samsung notes for jotting down my story ideas that way no matter where I am I can refer back to them later when it is time to begin writing. I also find that being able to access my email at a moment’s notice is especially valuable for conducting business so I have all three of my email addresses set up under Microsoft Outlook so that I can receive notifications instantly and reply to others in a timely fashion.

I find using the various types of media to be a somewhat pleasant experience. The convenience that the different media types provide me make my everyday life easy to navigate, especially when trying to conduct business on my lunch break or from the sidelines of one of my child’s soccer games. But I do also suffer some of the negative affects that can come with utilizing social media, especially around election time or when sorting my emails to eliminate unwanted solicitors and spam.

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After starting this blog, I have been met with a deluge of online advertising geared toward helping me promote my business. At first, I’d wonder how Facebook knew to target small business ads on my timeline and then I remembered how interconnected media these days is. Everything we do online is seen and kept track of in some manner and I think this is a huge benefit for digital media marketing. Although having your online movements tracked can seem like an invasion of privacy, I do think there are benefits for the everyday user as well. Those seeking to market their brands and products and have their ads pushed under the nose of their target demographic based on a little algorithm created by the social site they are using to publicize their brand; this is just as helpful for small businesses as it is for big dogs like Apple or Android. For users it can be beneficial in helping them locate the right website developer for launching their new business or even finding the right gift for that special someone.

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